We are the bioinformatics and computational biology research group at the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Our lab is also a part of the Center for Genome Research of Regione Emilia Romagna High Technology Network.

Our main research interest is the design and application of computational biology and bioinformatics methods to organize, analyze, compare, interpret, and visualize -omics data. We are currently working on the development of methods, resources and tools for:

  • integrative analysis of multi -omics and phenotypic data
  • epigenomics and 3D genome
  • computational systems biology
  • single cell genomics

We provide computational support to molecular and cell biologists in investigating the genomic bases of complex biological systems, with particular emphasis on onco-genomics, immunogenomics, and neurosciences.

Our goal is to combine molecular data, computational expertise and biological knowledge into a holistic framework aimed at deciphering how the individual constituents of biological systems interact in time and space and regulate its functions under normal or pathological conditions. The hypothesis informing our work is that computational biology has to complement, hand-in-hand, the computational sophistication of developers (bioinformatics) and the instrumental biological knowledge of users (wet-biology). This bi-directional collaboration fosters the discovery of new layers of molecular connectivity between the genome and its functional output and a fuller understanding of cellular and tissue heterogeneity at different scales.